Who we are

Well, I tell you a story. A few battle-seasoned dogs with an undying passion to create the best games for the mobile web. HTML5? Yes, for sure. No app stores, no downloads, no corporate sh*t, the only pure gaming via a browser.

Our games

Captain Dog

That’s my dog, for sure, bro. The best hyperflying-in-the-space-eating-candies-and-beating-Trum-p-pum-pum dog. Wanna see more? Check the demo below.

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More Games

We are in progress to open new doors. New ideas, projects, experiments.

Bright minds


We are a party of four. Like three musketeers, plus another one. Or like Four Horsemen – Smart, Skillful, Handsome and Highly-Efficient – this all about a brief portrait of each in the gang. Wanna know more? As well as we do. Whooph-whooph!

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